Ingredients :
Apple juice from concentrated (90%), water, carbon dioxide, flavourings, citric acid.

Energizing values for 100mL :
35 Kcal - 146 Kj.

Average nutritional values for 100mL :
Proteins : 0,2g.
Lipids : 0g.
Carbohydrate : 8,5g.
Fibers : 0,15g.
Sodium : 0g.
Let's make something clear. The Healthiest Beverage in the world has already been discovered. And Hey ! Great news, it's Water !
And it is the same thing for the fruits. The Healthiest way to consume them is to eat fresh fruits. We can not compete with these facts !
Fortunately, we do not intend to.
Our goal is to satisfy you with a non alcoholic beverage.
Our drink is made for people who look for something carrying more taste, more colour than water only.
Proposing fruits in a drinkable way might also be a practical solution to take advantage of some of their nutriments and vitamins that stimulate and sort out the metabolism.
We do not add extra sugar in our Kithula because the fruit concentrate contains far enough of it.
After some physical effort (sports, dance, etc...) or after a hard-working day, you will find all the energy necessary to recharge your batteries. As a start, we propose it using apple concentrate in a Champagne bottle.
Distinction oblige.
It is the beginning of an adventure. With your support, we intend to propose in the future, our drink using fruits like pineapple, mango, blackcurrant, grape, orange, peach, apricot, etc... in cans and PET bottles.
Our recipe is purposely quite simple : we use fruit concentrate, water and carbonic gas.

And Cheering you up is the main purpose of Kithula ! We've chosen a dancing Polynesian lady to represent our brand because we truly think that dancing is an exceptional way to sublimate people. When you are dancing, you are able to get some distance with the harshness of life and find a path to Happiness.
Let the sparkle of our dancing Kithula remind it to you and may you share it with others.
Mikhael KHEIR, the manager.

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NO EXTRA SUGAR String Recipe Kithula
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